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A Guide To Corporate Awards And Trophies

Corporate awards and trophies play a vital role recognising and rewarding exceptional performance in the workplace. In fact, consistent employee recognition and the implementation of recognition programs can significantly reduce turnover rates and boost productivity. In other words, it pays to recognise hardworking employees! In this guide, we will explore the importance of corporate awards, the benefits they provide and give some creative tips for customisation.

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What Are Corporate Awards?

Corporate awards are a form of recognition given to employees, teams or departments for their outstanding achievements or contributions to the company. They can take various forms (such as trophies, plaques, certificates or customised gifts) and are often presented at annual events or ceremonies.

The Benefits of Corporate Awards

Recognising and rewarding employees with corporate awards brings numerous benefits, including:

  • Motivation and engagement: Awards foster a competitive environment and inspire employees to strive for excellence, resulting in increased productivity and performance.
  • Employee retention: By acknowledging the hard work and achievements of your staff, you create a sense of loyalty and satisfaction, leading to higher retention rates.
  • Team building: Celebrating achievements helps to promote collective camaraderie, team spirit and a more unified company culture.
  • Positive brand image: Showcasing your company’s commitment to recognising and appreciating hard work reflects well on your brand and can attract top talent.
  • Attractive incentive: Corporate awards can serve as incentives for employees considering joining your business. It may be the difference between them joining you, or another company.

Corporate Awards Ideas

There is a wide variety of corporate awards to choose from, ensuring you can find the perfect fit for your organisation. Some popular ideas include:

  • Employee of the Month/Year: Recognise individual excellence by rewarding the most outstanding employee during a specific time frame.
  • Team Excellence Award: Celebrate the achievements of a high-performing team or department.
  • Innovation Award: Acknowledge employees who have introduced groundbreaking ideas or solutions.
  • Leadership Award: Honour managers or supervisors who demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities.
  • Work Anniversaries: Recognise significant milestones in each employee’s corporate journey, denoting how long they have worked for the company.

What Are the Best Corporate Recognition Awards?

The best corporate awards are those that resonate with your organisation’s values and goals while also reflecting the achievements of the recipients. High-quality materials, such as glass, crystal and premium metals, make awards more prestigious and will make a lasting impression. Customised designs, logos and engravings make the awards more unique and personal to the recipients so they will treasure them for years to come.

How to Customise Corporate Awards

Customisation adds a personal touch to corporate awards, making them more meaningful and memorable. Here are some tips on how to customise your awards:

  • Select the appropriate award type: Choose the right material and design that best suits the occasion and the recipient’s achievement.
  • Incorporate your company logo: Include your organisation’s logo on the award to help reinforce your brand and company values.
  • Personalise the engraving: Include the recipient’s name, the date and a brief description of the achievement to make the award more meaningful.
  • Consider additional customisations: If possible, explore options like unique shapes, colours or artwork to make the award stand out even more.

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