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  • The Significance Of Corporate Employee Recognition Trophies

    Custom Award For Corporate Setting

    In today’s fast-paced corporate world, achievements can sometimes be overshadowed by the next big target or challenge. That’s why it’s important to recognise and celebrate success. Employee recognition trophies play an important role in this—they remind everyone that their hard work and dedication do not go unnoticed. In this blog, we’ll discuss the significance of […]

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  • Trophies Vs Medals: Which One Should You Choose?

    A High-quality Sports Trophy

    Have you ever found yourself pondering whether to choose a trophy or a medal for your event? It’s a common dilemma and understanding the unique qualities of each can help you make the right choice. Whether it’s a sports competition, academic achievement or corporate recognition, the decision between a trophy and a medal is more […]

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  • The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right Sports Medals

    Hand Holding A Gold Sports Medal

    Ever wondered what makes a sports medal not just a reward but a cherished keepsake? It’s not just about the shiny exterior; it’s the quality, customisation and spirit it represents that truly matter. Whether you’re celebrating a local win in Townsville or honouring a regional Queensland champion, the right medal elevates the moment. In this […]

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  • Reasons Why Participation Trophies Are A Good Thing

    A Various Trophies

    Have you ever wondered why participation trophies have gained such popularity in recent years, especially in Townsville? While some argue they merely reward attendance, many believe they play an important role in acknowledging effort, personal growth and dedication. In this blog, we’ll explore the various facets of participation trophies and how they’re reshaping the way […]

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  • 5 Ways To Ensure Your Awards Ceremony Is A Success

    Different Trophies For Different Awards

    The success of an awards ceremony hinges on multiple factors, each contributing to the event’s overall impact. It’s not just about the nominees and the venue; the types of awards distributed can also carry their own weight. Through this guide, we delve into the aspects that can make your awards ceremony not just memorable but […]

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  • Beyond Sports: Unconventional Achievement Trophies That Inspire Success

    A Business Achievement Trophy

    While sports trophies have long been symbolic of success and recognition, we believe that true accomplishment knows no boundaries. From the corporate world to personal development and creative pursuits, awards can be used to celebrate a wide variety of achievements. In this blog we discuss the various ways you can use awards to commemorate outstanding […]

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  • The Difference Between Crystal Awards And Acrylic Awards

    A Crystal Awards

    When it comes to recognising an achievement, nothing conveys appreciation quite like a tangible award. If you’re on the lookout for corporate awards, two popular choices are crystal and acrylic awards. In this blog post, we delve into the key differences between these two materials by comparing their appearance, weight, texture, lead times, pricing and […]

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  • A Guide To Corporate Awards And Trophies

    Blue Fan Crystal Award

    Corporate awards and trophies play a vital role recognising and rewarding exceptional performance in the workplace. In fact, consistent employee recognition and the implementation of recognition programs can significantly reduce turnover rates and boost productivity. In other words, it pays to recognise hardworking employees! In this guide, we will explore the importance of corporate awards, […]

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  • Celebrate Your Milestones With Handcrafted Plaques

    Close-up Of A Plaque

    When commemorating a special occasion or honouring someone’s achievements, it can make all the difference to extend a gift that is as unique and heartfelt as the person or event it represents. Handcrafted plaques are the perfect solution for this, offering a personalised touch that mass-produced items simply can’t replicate. In this blog, we’ll explore […]

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  • What Are The Latest Trends In Sports Trophies?

    Hand holding a trophy on blurred background

    As the world of sports continues to evolve, so do the trends in sports trophies. Whatever sport you play, we stock a range of exciting trophy designs perfect for the big celebrations and small successes. Sport Specific Trophies Sport-specific trophies are a classic trend and they’re popular because they’re completely customised to the sport and […]

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  • 5 Benefits of Personalised Trophies & Medals

    girl child in pool with champion trophy

    Are you looking for a special way to honour and recognise the achievements of your employees, friends or family? Personalised trophies and medals are an excellent choice. Not only do they reinforce how much their effort is appreciated, but they also provide lasting memories of success. Here are five key benefits that come with personalised […]

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  • Significance Of Trophies For Children

    Man Giving A Trophy To A Child

    The Significance Of Trophies For Children & Why They Should Be Awarded Acknowledging achievement and participation can go a long way, especially with children. Whether it’s an academic award, a sporting trophy, a participation medal, or something else entirely, recognising the success and involvement of kids has many benefits, boosting self-esteem and positive behaviour. If […]

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