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Creative Corporate Award Ideas

It’s often important to build up a winning mentality in your company. By rewarding your employees for good work or impressive results, you keep everyone motivated and productive. After all, who doesn’t want to win an award? It’s amazing how a regular in-house awards night can make all the difference to employee morale. Here are just a few of the more creative corporate awards you can give out and why they will help your business to grow.

Newcomer awards

Awarding a newcomer for achieving a certain milestone has a few great benefits. It gives your new employees something to strive towards and lets them know that all of their input in the company is being noticed by the management team above them. Some of the more creative and fun names you can give to your best new employees include:

  • The Number One Rookie Award
  • Fastest First Impression
  • Number One Addition
  • Star Starter

These can be used in addition to more specific ones. For example, if you’re in the manufacturing sector, you can make jokes surrounding a new employee being the “Premier Producer”, or “First in Factory”. Tailoring your awards lets your employees know they’re being noticed, which is extremely important in the workplace.

Awards for team players

It’s incredibly important to emphasise how well your employees are working as a team. Working together will push your company to the next level and help you to get the most out of every one of your employees. Some good awards to hand out include:

  • The Handshake Award
  • Foremost Friend
  • Congratulated Colleague

It might even be a good idea to pull several people together and award them as a group. After all, what better way to award teamwork than awarding the entire team?

Awards for customer service

Your employees are the first things that your customers see, so setting the right impression is important. You can incentivise your employees to do their best for all of their customers with awards, including titles such as:

  • Calm Customer Comforter, for an employee that’s good with difficult characters.
  • Peacemaker, an award for any employees that have calmed down brewing battles between customers.
  • Mountaineer, a customer service employee that has done all they can to go the extra mile and get a customer everything they need.

What awards can do for you

Ultimately, corporate awards can encourage employees to do their very best at all times, and making them as personalised as possible will ensure they’re getting the recognition they deserve.

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