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Everything You Need To Know About AFL Trophies

Here at NQ Plaques and Trophies, we pride ourselves on our extensive collection of trophies that you can give to your winners. We tailor to a vast range of sports across our collection, with our AFL range being one of the most popular.

Our unique and professional-quality trophies are a must-have to truly reward your winner, so contact us today to place your order.

What is an AFL trophy?

An AFL trophy is an Australian Football League trophy that can be awarded to players of all ages and skills participating in the sport.

Why are trophies important?

Trophies are important as a permanent reminder of our successes and achievements. They stand as something that can be treasured, remembered and awarded to those who have worked hard in whatever field.

How to pick a good trophy

Picking a good trophy is important as it shows how much appreciation you have for those that the trophy will be awarded to. A good trophy is one that makes someone feel proud of their achievements and the right size, finish and design contribute to achieving this desired effect. Our team at NQ Plaques and Trophies has curated a vast amount of sizes, designs and finishes available for you to choose from to find the perfect trophy for your winner.

Sizes of AFL trophy available

We have an extensive range of trophy sizes available – from Mini Cup to Mega-Sized, you’re sure to find the perfect trophy. We also have a range of trophy sizes available that match different levels of success and different levels of competition.

Different colours and finishes available

Tailored to your preferences, our wide array of trophies come in a number of colours and finishes. For example, if you’re looking for a 3rd place trophy, a bronze finish is the way to go! The same goes for a sleek silver second-place finish and for that first place winner, you have to go for gold! Our collection of bronze, silver and gold trophies gives everyone the opportunity to be a winner. What’s more, our classic finishes give every unique trophy a professional and pristine feel.

Different designs available

We also have a lot of designs available within our range of AFL trophies. If you want to showcase the sport, you can! We have trophies that are more subtle and simply showcase the football itself, but we also have more elaborate designs that feature male and female football players at their best! No matter your preference, you are guaranteed to find the perfect design of trophy for your winner from our AFL Trophy collection.

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If you would like some more information about our extensive collection of AFL trophies, view our range in full today. Our wide array of trophies can be personalised and tailored to suit your winners and showcase their amazing achievements! Contact us directly for more details.

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