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Trophies Townsville

NQ Plaques offers a wide array of trophies that can be customised to suit your needs. Our trophies are all made from high-grade materials, ensuring recipients receive a premium item in recognition of their achievements. As well as one-off trophies, suitable for recognising a single achievement, we can also create trophies suitable for use year after year. If you can't see what you're looking for, get in touch and we will create a tailormade trophy that's geared to your specific needs. We provide a bulk discount for larger orders.

Trophies To Celebrate Sporting Success

Trophies have been used to celebrate sporting achievements for decades. We stock a large range of different trophies that feature imagery related to particular sports (such as motocross, hockey, martial arts or golf), as well as generic trophies that can be customised for any purpose. In addition to metallic/wood combo trophies that have a traditional vibe, we also offer modern, full-colour resin trophies that provide a vibrant accent wherever they're located. Each trophy can be engraved with whatever message or record you wish. We offer a range of different engraving styles, allowing an enormous degree of personalisation. Take a look at our innovative selection of trophies that can be tailored to celebrate almost anything!

Trophies For Non-traditional Activities

Trophies are a time-honoured way of recognising sporting achievements, but there are plenty of other achievements that deserve a medal. As well as an impressive array of sporting trophies, we also offer resin trophies to recognise achievement in disciplines such as cooking, ping-pong and quiz success. Each trophy is cast to incorporate items that are representative of the activity being rewarded. Trophies are also available that recognise corporate success or participation in a special event. Trophies are a truly inclusive way of rewarding anyone for almost anything. Suitable for use in schools, colleges, clubs, federations, community groups and anywhere else that celebrates achievement, our trophies are all customisable, in line with customer requirements.
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