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Show Off A Milestone With An Achievement Trophy Or Medal!

There are a few ways you can show off how you’ve done at something, but very little quite hits the spot like a trophy or a medal. Something physical to take with you can make your achievement feel much more tangible, and give you something to reminisce over when you look back. Here are just a few of the events you can commemorate with a trophy or a medal, whether in the workplace, a sports team or just for yourself.

Charity Events

When you complete an event for charity, you leave with a significant amount of money made for a cause that needs it, and a great sense of achievement having done something good for the community. However, the lack of physical souvenirs or mementoes means it can be easy to forget about all of the hard work you put in, and the memories you may have made throughout the event. This can be easily and affordably changed by getting yourself a medal, or a tasteful trophy. You can always engrave the trophy with the details of your day, including how much you made for good causes. Medals make it much easier to look back fondly and remember the day you did some good for those in need.

Employee Of The Month

Keeping workplace morale at a strong level can be tough. After all, your Monday to Friday can become something of a drag if you don’t have a way of encouraging your team, and if morale breaks down you could lose all sense of productivity in the workplace. This could be resolved with an award scheme. For example, offering a medal to the Employee of the Month is a great way of motivating the workforce, and you could even use an “Employee of the Year” trophy at the end of the financial year, to reward the best of your employees. To bring a competitive edge to the workplace, encouraging your employees to be the best could be a perfect way forward.

Reaching A Personal Milestone

Personal milestones can often feel like they’re not too significant. For example, stopping smoking can be an incredibly difficult thing to continue when every day feels like the same, and the 365th day is the same as to 219th, or even the first. However, you can offer yourself little pieces of motivation to get yourself past the next milestone. For example, a medal every three months with a trophy to commemorate anniversaries is a great way to remember all of the progress that you’ve made. There’s no harm in celebrating your own progress, so you might s well use these opportunities to treat yourself and make it easier to keep yourself going.

Try NQ Plaques

If you’re looking for a range of medals and trophies, whether to give to yourself or a colleague, get in touch with the NQ Plaques team today. We can offer a great range of options that are perfect for any occasion, so you can celebrate and congratulate in the right way every time.

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