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Commemorate A Special Achievement With NQ Plaques

We all remember those silly cartoons and old-timey comedy movies that had a scene where the main character was awarded a huge trophy for their service in saving humanity but imagine if this was an actual possibility. Giving a plaque to a real-life hero feels rewarding not just for them, but for you too. No matter what kind of event you’re hosting, it’s a joy to witness someone experiencing gratitude for their achievements being recognised. Here is how to commemorate a special achievement with NQ Plaques.

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Choose The Right Plaque For Your Achievement

The most important part of handing out an award is that you’re giving one which is fit for purpose. By that, we mean – does its design correlate with the reason you are awarding it? For example, as pretty as it is, you would not give one of our Zoom Netball Theme trophies to someone who has won a golf tournament. Similarly, if this is a trophy for a children’s competition, one of our novelty selections might be more appropriate. We have all kinds of silly designs, including animals, chilli peppers and rugby balls. Whichever design you go with, picking the right theme is essential.

Thankfully, we have plenty of different medals and trophies too, each of which is tailored to individual sports. We have awards suitable for Go Karting, fishing, football and netball, with some generic ones for sporting achievements which are not listed, such as our Goodwood Cup.

What Kind Of Achievement Can I Celebrate With A Plaque?

There are plenty of things to celebrate in life, they do not need to be large or notorious. As such, trophies and plaques are great for lots of occasions. Here are just a few achievements which call for an NQ trophy.

• Placing in a solo sporting competition, such as golf, snooker or archery, or placing as a team in a group competition like football or rugby. Usually, 1st, 2nd and 3rd places are awarded, with the order of colour being gold, silver and bronze. Occasionally, 4th prizes can be awarded too if you are eager to hand out as many as many trophies as possible.

• Winning a game at a birthday party. You can award it to the victor of a race, the winning team for a board game or fun competition, and even put it in the centre of a pass-the-parcel package.

• Agricultural or village shows can be a fantastic way of getting the community involved in their local area, and a vast amount of engraved plaques will be needed to hand out to winners of competitions like best fancy dress, best scones or most well-behaved pet.

• Coming last in an event. It might seem patronising to hand out an award for someone who has done the least well in a group, but we encourage you to do so. This is because placing last is an achievement in itself and helps to alleviate the negative feelings that might come alongside this.

What Are The Benefits Of Giving Someone A Trophy?

If someone has achieved something notorious, people around them should not hold back on giving them a token to remember it by. Handing someone a trophy or plaque as a celebratory gift can help to alleviate stress and boost their positivity. As the saying goes, it truly can make somebody’s day!

To buy some plaques for an upcoming achievement or commemoration, browse the range we have available. You will not be disappointed.

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